Bar Design

It has become a trend of all profitable bars, to have a bar consultant working with the architect on the design of the bars service area's.

Most of the worlds busiest bars now have there service area's designed by a bar consultant. The trend began in London but is employed by most high quality bars worldwide. 

The reason this is so fundamentally crucial to your bar long term success is that although it is of major significance to have an ornately beautiful bar.

If your bar is impractical then it may not allow your staff to work at maximum efficiency.

Not allowing your staff to provide the service that your beautiful new venue deserves. Also greatly decreasing the profit capabilities achievable for your new bar.

The secret of maximising the efficiency of your bar, is to have a great bar layout .

Earth bar will work with the architect you choose to guarantee that your bar is practical for operation.

At Earth bar we aim to ensure your bar makes money.

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