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A lot needs to be considered when designing a new bar or laying out an existing bar. The truth is most of the bars in the world are poorly designed with little practical value to the bartenders that serve behind a bar, many are designed by architects who have never actually worked behind a Bar.

You may have a magnificent looking bar that is ornately beautiful but if it takes forever to make drinks & its poor design effects customer service then it may be an expensive disappointing failure.

The key of a practical bar is accessibility. If the bartender is required to take more than 3 steps to get anything then odds are the design is poor. It is also a major OH&S risk to a bars staff if they are constantly forced to walk behind other staff to get ingredients.

So let's have a quick look at what a bartender actually needs access too.

  • Speed well (which holds most popular or house spirits & liqueurs)

  • Glass Ware

  • Cash Register

  • Ice Well

  • Sink

  • Beer taps

  • Soft Drink gun

  • Juices

  • Cocktail Equipment (Shakers, Spinal mixer, Hawthorn Strainer, Bar spoon, Sifter, Blender, Knife, Cutting Board, Muddling stick & anything else your bar may use.)

  • Cocktail & drink garnishes

  • Bottled Beers

  • Wines

  • Spirits & Liqueurs

  • Straws, Coasters & Napkins

  • Cleaning Cloths

  • Bar Top

  • Fridges

  • Also your bar needs to have a bar back station this is normally hidden from the customers eyes.

  • Glass washer

  • Ice machine

  • Spare Equipment & accessories

  • If you have a Tap beer then a Cellar

  • The first stage that Earth Bar look at when designing a bar or laying out an existing bar is working out what needs to go together, by together I mean without taking more than 1 step.

  • Beer Taps & Beer Glass's

  • Cocktail Equipment, Cocktail Glass's, Cocktail garnishes, Ice well, Liquor, soft drink gun & Sink

  • Ice well, Sprits, Speed well, straws coasters, napkins, soft drink gun & sprite glasses

  • Wine & Wine Glass's

  • Bar top & cleaning cloths

  • It all seems pretty simple but actually achieving this can be tricky and requires lots of planning.

    Stage two we look at which products are most popular, so which products need to be close to the bartender.

    Stage 3 earth Bar look at service, it is as many drinks as possible are made in front of the guest, (The exception of course is if you are a service bar that only looks after waiter staff) this important as it allows for better customer interaction enhancing the Guest experience .

    Tap Beers will normally be shared between bartender stations.

    So it's just now a matter of laying out the other equipment to best utilize space on the front bar, being mindful not to clutter the bar top so it is easy to keep clean for guests.

    The back bar should house the percentage of your bars spirits, liqueurs & fridges holding bottled beers. The Sprites, Liqueurs & bottle beers should be set up so bartenders don't have to walk far or behind other bartenders to access, The only exception is extremely high premium stock that rarely gets used & is on the shelf to make the bar look high society.

    The cash register normally is situated directly behind the bartender on the back bar but is also regularly on the front bar, to allow efficient access.

    The bar backs station should be situated at one end of the bar, with easy access to both bar & floor.

    The goal of your bar layout should be to make bartending easy & efficient, so your bartenders have more time to entertain your guests or serve more guests and make you more money.

    Earth Bar specialize in the effective efficient layout and design solutions for bars, from cocktail lounges, Nightclubs, Pubs and bars.

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